Nice !! I loved your post! I too write on medium! So fun to connect:) I will have to check out more of you your stuff!

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"A year ago, I would’ve thought - I don’t think I can ever get there unless I become a Vice President in 10-15 years.

Now, I think - LOL, nice."

Relatable AF!🤣

You write my heart out!


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"But we have much more control over our lives than we think, the world just doesn’t talk about it enough. This is the reason we don’t have a lot of cool people doing cool things."

Great line and something I resonate with strongly. It was the reason I started working on myself late 2020 and quit my job to redesign my life

The world not talking enough is ✅

People made me feel odd af when I took that decision - it's just societal programing and fear of speaking up

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May 7, 2022·edited May 7, 2022

well with this my day starts. with me being in a entry level to IT industry felt the same way as written here. I did what I can and what I should but comparison at the end can bring u on different road. May be I enjoyed ur post a hell lot with those attached candies😍 --- really then fitting myself with the world. Btw I too thought of being in latter. but this post put me back again in my zone 😽

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